Ein Brief von Malangton mit Programm der Klausur Lehrkörper Banz

Malangton und Michael erzählten, wie motivierend der Besuch 2013 zur Einweihung der Kirche war, gerade für die Lehrer. Michael hat hart gearbeitet und ein Handbook erstellt. (Anhang unten 2)

Mit Malangton zusammen und der deutschen Pfarrerin Eva Sonny halten fast zeitgleich zu unserem Pfarrerkonvent eine Klausur. (Anhang unten 1)

Außerdem habe ich den Brief an mich hier ebenfalls abgedruckt, da er wichtige Themen der Partnerschaft anspricht.

10 Thinkpads Lenovo T61 im Wert von ca. 2000€, eingerichtet auf Englisch, werden nächste Woche nach LCC Banz verschifft. Es ist vorgesehen, dass die Studenten sie für je 500 Kina (ca. 150€) kaufen können.

Malangton Eliesa P.O.Box 72 MT HAGEN Papua New Guinea


Dear Jan Peter

Greetings to you and Tilla. Hope you are doing fine. Also my greetings to James, Helmut, Helga and Petra and also to Kiri and Johannes Hamberger and also to those who are connected to the Partnership.

We appreciated your Circuit for sending the 4 representatives to part take in our new chapel opening on the 7th of April. Representing you here in Banz was a great honour for us and ELC-PNG. Our newly built chapel signifies the hard work and the efforts for both partnership and remains the historical asset of the partner circuit in Kitzingen as well as Banz Lutheran Church College. I believe they have learnt a lot and some inspiration during their stay and visits. Their inputs at Banz was also a great honour for us. There were all sorts of queries raised however, your representatives stood as team and considered all our questions and requests. As for myself I admired how they handle all the situations. They all adapted well in all the conditions, situations and circumstances.

The most important thing was the Partnership agreement. The agreement was tabled and was discussed between the LCCB staff and the Kitzingen representatives. No adjustment were made and finally pushed for the signing to commenced on the 12th April,2013. A farewell meal was organised by the LCCB staff and ancillary staff. After the meal, we watched and witnessed while Rev. James Kern Peter and Rev. Joseph Benson, the College Principal signed the Partnership Agreement. Thank you Jan Peter and the Partnership Committees for the translation and inputs to the agreement. It was agreed that after 5 years the contract/agreement which both partners should put their inputs together.

From my point of view which I have observed and am observing now is this; There are ups and downs in the overall administration, staff, students and the LCCB community. This is not a new thing to you. You have seen it and heard about it. The staff are not working cooperatively, the staff have boundaries among themselves, students with the staff and administration, students among themselves. However, the partnership program is existing in the midst of the problems. It all needs mastermind organisation for the program and projects to be active and progress effectively. I think I am the one from the outside who is trying my very best to organise the program to stay active.

The Partnership Work in Lutheran Church College Banz

The history tells it all from the beginning 1992 the partnership work was founded. Twenty years have gone passed and still partnership work is existing. Though at times the partnership work had to be dormant because of the communication difficulties. Today the program is active because you are visiting us regularly. I for am glad and happy because Kitzingen and LCCB are massive work together to keep the program alive. I see that most of the partnerships in ELC-PNG are dormant. For example; we are meeting the costs of our visitors within the country. This is an eye opener for the others circuits in ELC-PNG. Secondly, we have a regular visits. That maintains and strenghtens the partnership work. With this new contract and I believe the College will take it on board and work towards the contract and take ownership on the partnership program.

After the Visit and Progressive Reports from the Banz Side.

One of the challenges that the college took it on board was upgrading and rehabilitating the Coffee project. During the staff meeting, they resolved that coffee should be one of the projects to be prioritise. The work has been already under way. Through the Agriculture teacher specialist, the students have already cut grass and maintain the proper drainage. They will further give notice to the LCCB community to vacate pigs and also private gardens by the college community in the coffee garden. There should be a set of laws to be abide by and should be official acknowledge by the college community. Notice had been handed down but some ancillary staff have their pigs and gardens in the coffee block. I believe things will gradually change. The college is working on the handbook and ratified by the board. Ps Michael is heading the Handbook and also pushing for the curriculum to be reviewed and ratitified. Before the ratification, it will be tabled on the Board of Governors meeting to be mandated.

The College Staff appointed Ps Michael Taikeka and 4 staff members to produce the College Handbook which was dormant for such a long time. Before the handbook to be official recognise, there will be a workshop hosted by the College to the Students body to see and hear the content and if queries arises, they will try to see or make necessary change if necessary. I believe that is the one of the good thing that they have produced. College have been sitting idle without this handbook.

Used Laptops

There is a demand for laptops within the college students students as well as outsiders. For students, it is a need for them because it will help them in their computer training. Some of the students told me that little time is allocated for them and they don't learn much in theory and practical. Also handouts are produced and given but they don't understand it because of not enough computer in the lab. There are five students on one computer. This makes learning very difficult. They said that they need private computer or laptop so that this will make learning more convenient and effective.

I suggest that if it would be possible if you could organise for used laptops and send them to me. I think the best way would be by shipping them. Using air would be expensive. We can agree on the price of the used laptops. For programming wise, I will do it here. Just sent it blank or if you think of a possible program and does not cost much, you can install them. I also have a OS (Operating System) which I will install them.

Finally, our sympathy, to those people who have been affected and have lost their homes in the huge flood in the German history. As partners we have been notified and the community at the college have prayed for that.

I love you all and may the love of our Lord Jesus Christ bind us all. Amen.

Malangton Eliesa